Cooling the Oceans for a Sustainable Future

About WaterWattS

WaterWattS is a pioneering business - in STEALTH MODE.

Our mission is to Reverse.

At the center: a scalable cooling solution for the oceans. Water holds more than 90% of climate change excess energy, 500ZJ so far. 800 years' worth of global primary energy demand. With the power of innovative technology, we harvest the energy to Reverse. How? By feeding the sythetic fuel value chain with low cost feedstock from our Oceans, green Carbon Dioxide and green Hydrogen.

Fast Scaleable Energy and Carbon Sequestration.

Stay Tuned - more details to come soon.

Support Network

We are in the process of setting up impactful collaborations that will enable the excution of the WaterWattS vision. This can only be done with a well balanced team of global operators, leaders in their own fields, such as: Hyperscaling, Climate Funding Stack, Oil& Gas, Energy, Offshore, Engineering, Digital Twin/AI, Carbon Offset, MRV and more.

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person holding gray metal framed desk globe paper weight